lunes, 9 de abril de 2007

April again!!

Hey buddies!!

So we've got safely through Easter, and warmer weather is about to get to us! People smile in the parks, birds sing above us, music festivals are announcing their final line-ups, Talavante corta dos orejas ayer en Las Ventas... Plenty of good news.

And the NBA season is coming to the end... things are finally getting clearer, and it definately seems the ring will be back in the West in a couple of months' time. Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio are the real contenders, while some other teams are likely to fight, but nobody can foresee another Western Finals but Dallas - Pho/SA. I hope Dirk's wrist wont shake this year for the final free throws...

And who would be the contenders for an unlikely Eastern Champion? One name comes to mind: Detroit. It's Playoff time, and nobody is gonna do better than them. Miami would be their rivals, but Shaq is not the one who used to be, and D-Wade's shoulder is far from healed according to yesterday's performance (12p, 8ass, 6TO in 26m loss to Cha in OT). But there's a ray of hope in Chicago. Some of us already talked about it a long time ago, but the Bulls are nowadays in East's 2nd spot, and would only face the Pistons with court disadventage. What if...?

"go ahead and kiss her, you don't know what you're missing"

Current mood -> Enjoying spring!

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Estefanía dijo...

Actualizarás algún día, petardo????

marta dijo...

siiiiiiii, tu disfruta de la primavera ke es lo ke hay ke hacer, hooombre... disfrutala x mi al menos ke mi casa es la biblio y mi cerebro esta al limite de su capacidad...