viernes, 16 de marzo de 2007

Los Campesinos! - We throw parties, you throw knives

I just need a girl who whispers softly in my ear something like "We throw parties", with that delicious accent... I think I can easily fall in love with a wide range of tiny things, I don't need big stuff. eg: the scent of a girl's neck, that sweet accent of that "t" in parties, a single freckle in the right spot... It's amazing how Nature works, isn't it? But those toff girls keep on disguising their scents with expensive parfums to end up smelling all the same, using tons of make up to hide any single scratchy point of the skin, and sliding their s's like some kind of snakes... too weird!

So take a listen to Los Campesinos! (yes, that's Spanish!), a Cardiff-based seven-piece new band that sound like a really fine mix of The Long Blondes (aaarrggghhh, Kate Jackson...) and I'm form Barcelona, bringing on a new pop wave that, with a little bit of luck, could be the next big thing. Be aware, my friends... their single is free for downloading, so spread the news!

Los Campesinos! - We throw parties, you throw knives

Los Campesinos! - Don't tell me to do the math

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